Airco Venray

Do you not have a pleasant indoor climate and is it always too hot or too cold at your place in Venray? Then an air conditioner in Venray is the solution for you. We at De Duurzame Jongens specialize in air conditioners and offer many different choices and options. To discuss the best options and make the best choice we will be happy to help you. In addition, it is not only beneficial for temperature control in your home or business space, but also if you like to live energy efficiently. An air conditioner uses much less gas than a central heating boiler. This will save you a tremendous amount of money on your energy bill each year. An air conditioner blows out cold or warm air that quickly cools or warms the room. The use of a central heating boiler is therefore not necessary. In fact, an air conditioner can heat your home much more efficiently. Do you live in Venray and want to buy an air conditioner in Venray or do you already have questions and want to discuss the possible options? Then contact us and we will be there for you.

Buy air conditioning in Venray

Also in Venray, De Duurzame Jongens will help you buy, maintain and install your air conditioner. We at De Duurzame Jongens are active throughout Limburg. We stand for a sustainable world and want to make a real difference and contribute to society. We do this with handy tough guys and friendly thoughtful women. Together, this team forms a powerful unit that stands for quality, service, satisfied customers and happy employees. Furthermore, they are very enthusiastic, cheerful and driven. Buying an air conditioner in Venray not only gives you pleasant temperatures in your home, but is also an investment for your home. A house with the latest technologies, such as a new air conditioner, fetches a higher price in the housing market today. Therefore, the value of your home will also increase. Other ways to make your home worth more is to put solar panels on your roofs or insulate your home properly. Insulating your home not only increases home value but also improves indoor temperature, reduces noise and lowers heating costs.

To buy an air conditioner, you don’t just go to the store. You look at this calmly and search for a lot of information. After all, it is an expense for most people to purchase anyway. Do you live in Venray and need an air conditioner? Not sure what the possibilities are and/or still unsure about buying an air conditioning system in Venray? Then feel free to contact De Duurzame Jongens. Our team will be happy to help you.

Steps to buy air conditioning in Venray

Buying an air conditioner in Venray goes as follows. When you have chosen to purchase an air conditioning system from Sustainable Boys, one of our sustainability consultants will visit you to conduct a consultation and a technical inspection. This way we know what the situation of the house is and you are also informed about the possibilities and the situation. For example, the cable route that is required, the installation location of the air conditioning in Venray and other technical aspects are then considered. Several options for making your home more sustainable are also discussed in the consultation. Then a quotation is made based on the advice. In this quote you will find your customized advice with all the associated costs. As a result, there are never any surprises and you know what you are getting into. You can therefore always request a consultation without any obligation. Once this is done, we will come and install the air conditioning in Venray.

Installing air conditioning in Venray

All our installers are STEK certified to provide your home with a pleasant and desired indoor temperature. When it comes to air conditioning installation in Venray, we at De Duurzame Jongens offer additional services, such as electrical modifications. We offer a total package so that you are done in one go and don’t have to look at it again. A fun fact before we come to install an air conditioner at your home in Venray is that gas consumption decreases by 30 to 40% when heating with your air conditioner. More fun facts? In combination with solar panels, you save a lot of energy every month. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Through an app called Smart Home Manager, you can monitor/optimize your energy consumption and with filters and/or an air purification function, you can remove dirty dust particles from the air. In addition to air conditioners, we offer solar panels, sustainable roofing and other sustainable options. Furthermore, covers are also available in different colors that you can place over your air conditioner. This way, your air conditioning in Venray can also be beautifully incorporated into your home. It matches the interior, they are durable, decibel lowering and maintenance free. Would you like more information or have questions? Then contact us, because we are active throughout Limburg from Venray to Maastricht. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about previous purchases.

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