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Based on a free consultation, we can calculate exactly how many and what type of solar panels are best for your personal situation. We offer this to you in a customized quote. In this we are open and transparent. Everything is done by mutual agreement. So no fine print!

In the quote you will find:

  • Power and efficiency
  • Information about the installation
  • An overview of the investment
  • Revenue Calculation
  • Guarantees
  • Environmental Savings
  • Total Saving
  • Power output
  • Explanation of financial opportunities, such as VAT refunds and grants
  • Information about the energy-saving scheme

Request a quote for solar panels

You will find this on the latest annual statement from your energy supplier.

You will find your meter number on the meter. On smart meters, this is usually under the barcode. On traditional meters, the meter number is often behind 'No'.

Add photos to your quote request. Photos of the roof where the solar panels are to be installed and a photo of your meter box are useful to us. You can upload a maximum of 4 photos. Maximum file size is 5MB, formats: jpg, jpeg, png, heif, heic

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