Interested in making
your homemore sustainable?

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Nice that you are interested in making your home more sustainable together with De Duurzame Jongens! Due to the enormous number of requests, we ask you to choose between an on-site consultation or a remote quotation. If you only want an offer, we can no longer visit you for an on-site consultation due to lack of time. So if you want a visit from one of our advisers, choose a consultation. You can then choose which products you would like more information on. Then fill in your details and we will get to work for you!

What is a consultation at your premises?

One of our sustainability consultants will visit you on site. We want to come to your site well prepared. That is why we ask you to leave some details. The following is covered during the counselling session:  
  •  Solar panels:
    • Switching to solar energy, how does it work?
    • Solar plan calculation where we also take into account the shade plan.
    • Explaining financial options, such as VAT refunds and subsidies..
  • Airco:
    • Household situation.
    • Technical aspects (floor space, room size, etc.)
    • Options: cooling only or cooling and heating.
After our consultant’s visit, you will receive the quotation within 1 working day.

What is a remote quote?

You provide all the data we need to issue a no-obligation quotation. Our aim is to send you a quote within 5 working days. In the quotation, you will find all the details you need, depending on the products you have chosen:
  • Solar panels: information on installation, capacity and yield, investment overview, yield calculation, guarantees, environmental assessment, payback period, electricity yield, financing options, VAT refund, subsidies and information on the net-metering scheme.
  • Air conditioning quotation: information on installation, guarantees, investment overview, finishing options and maintenance contracts

What is a contact request?

Not sure yet whether you would like a remote consultation or quote? If so, you can submit a contact request. Please note that, due to high traffic, a contact request takes longer than usual to process.

Want faster assistance? Then choose an on-site consultation or a remote quote.

Which products may we help you with?

Solar panel data

Or an estimate if you don’t know.

Do you already have a model in mind? If so, please let us know in the comments section.

E.g. electric driving, air conditioning, heat pump, electric cooking, family expansion, etc.

You can also clarify the above points here should the need arise. Also, if you already have a preference in terms of panel or inverter, you can mention it here.

Air conditioning data

Number of indoor units

With this information, we can calculate the capacity you need.

We install only A-brands.

Do you already have a model in mind? If so, please let us know in the comments section.

For example, do you already have a preferred type of air conditioner? Even if you think that installing the air conditioning is (reasonably) complex in your situation, we ask you to indicate this in advance.

How can we reach you?