Make Money
with solar energy

Renew your home with solar panels. Grants and other financial arrangements now make this extra attractive.

Cost of solar panels

This is the right time to purchase solar panels. In fact, as an individual, you enjoy some financial benefits. Consider a favorable sustainability loan at a low interest rate and 21% VAT refund on the entire purchase and installation of your solar panels. Solar panels have also become more interesting for companies due to the SDE++ subsidy.

Also saving money with solar panels?

Non-committal consultation

with a technical inspection

Investing in solar panels means investing in the future. If you are going to buy solar panels, it is first important to find out if your roof is suitable. Then you can compare solar panels in price and yield. During a no-obligation consultation, we look at your situation and the possibilities. Based on this, you will receive a quote: a customized sustainability plan with calculations and revenues.

Benefit from VAT advantage

For a solar panel installation, you pay 21% VAT on the total cost. This includes the solar panels, inverter, under-construction, mounting materials and cabling. A big advantage is that you can reclaim the VAT from the tax authorities. This can be done up to 6 months after the end of the year in which you purchased the solar panels. We highly recommend this, as it can save you hundreds of dollars! If desired, we can request and handle this for you.

Financial arrangements & municipal grants

With attractive financial opportunities, people are encouraged to purchase solar panels. Also, municipalities often have regulations that make buying solar panels more advantageous. This varies by municipality. It’s definitely worth checking out what your community has to offer. In addition, you can check at to see what subsidies you are eligible for. We can tell you more about this during a no-obligation consultation.

"Solar panels were never more financially attractive than they are now!"

Wondering how much you'll save with solar panels?