Solar Panels
with a smile

Invest smart, save on energy costs and increase your home value with De Duurzame Jongens as your solar installer.

Together with the boys
To a sustainable future!

We are building a world where everyone is independent. A society where people are self-sufficient to live an “off grid” life. With solar panels and air conditioners, we are doing our part. And together we create that sustainable future.

Also saving money with solar panels?

Customized advice

Personalized advice based on your living situation and your home.

Efficient payback model

Your investment recouped on average within 6 years.

Sustainable installations

We ensure the quality and safety of your solar installation.

Certified installers

Our installers are certified and work according to the standard of NEN1010 & NEN3140 and SCIOS SCOPE 12.

All-in service

Complete care from A-Z, from delivery and installation to professional cleaning.

Warranty & Maintenance

Affiliated with the Solar Energy Guarantee Fund Foundation and 24/7 online failure monitoring.

Buy solar panels in 6 steps

1. Orientation

If you are going to buy solar panels, you have two main questions: what are the costs and what can I save? We calculate this for you.

2. Consultation

We will look at your household situation and discuss all the possibilities. We incorporate this into a quote: your customized sustainability plan.

3. Inspection

Our technical specialist consults on the most favorable cable route. In addition, he performs a meter box and roof inspection.

4. Installation

You will receive an email in preparation. Then, on the agreed day and time, we will come and install your solar panels.

5. Save

You can continuously monitor the yield via the app on your smartphone or tablet. This way you continue to enjoy your savings in energy costs.

6. Aftercare

With online monitoring, we see if your installation needs service. We also recommend inspection and cleaning for the best efficiency.

Top quality, maximum safety

for a sustainable solar installation

We work exclusively with A-brand solar panels, inverters, substructures and mounting materials. These products come with long manufacturer’s warranties. With De Duurzame Jongens, you are always assured of reliable service.