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Invest smartly, save money and live environmentally consciously with De Duurzame Jongens as your sustainability advisor.

Together with De Duurzame Jongens towards a sustainable future!

We are building a world where everyone is independent.

A society in which people are self-sufficient and have a

living off grid lives. With our energy solutions, we contribute

our part. And together we create that sustainable future.

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Need help with making your home more sustainable? Meet De Duurzame Jongens! We advise, supply and install sustainable energy solutions. Our promise? A professional service at a competitive price. Always.

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From personal advice to working installation!

1. Consultation

During the consultation, we review your living situation and gather all the information to come up with a personalized sustainability recommendation. This can be done at your home, online or by phone.

2. Custom quote

Based on the consultation, we will work out an offer directly: you will receive a total customized sustainability plan including savings and financing options.

3. Installation

Quote agreement? Then let's get to work! On the appointed day, our certified installers will come and install your new system.

4. Service & maintenance

Timely maintenance is important for the continued proper operation of your system(s). For each product, we offer special maintenance packages.