Storing solar energy
with a home battery

Become less dependent on the grid with a home battery from De Duurzame Jongens. An investment for the future!


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Buying a home battery

With a home battery, you take a big step toward becoming (partially) independent of the energy grid. This large capacity battery, can power all the electrical equipment in your home. Mainly with your own generated power from your solar panels.

Currently, the number of Dutch households with a home battery is still limited. But with the abolition of the net-metering scheme and attractive subsidies, battery storage at home will gain in popularity in the coming years.

Home battery offerings

At De Duurzame Jongens, we offer a variety of home batteries. We are happy to advise you on the battery that best suits your situation.

Storing energy in 3 steps

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Buying a home battery from De Duurzame Jongens

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Ready to take advantage of the benefits of a home battery? Request a no-obligation consultation today.

Frequently asked questions about home batteries

An average household consumes about 10 kW of electricity daily. This requires a solar panel installation of about 4 kW. A home battery with an output of 4 to 6 kW would be ideal. We are happy to help you choose the best home battery for your home. Contact us for tailored sustainable advice.

The output of a home battery determines the price. The higher the storage capacity, the more battery cells are needed. A 12 kW home battery is, of course, much more expensive than a 6 kW battery. We will be happy to make you a proposal. Contact us .

A home battery is part of a system that usually consists of a battery, an inverter and solar panels. This allows you to store the production surplus from your solar panels and use it at times when your solar panels are producing too little or no energy. Want to know more? Contact us .

With a home battery, you can use about 60-70% of your generated solar energy yourself, provided the battery has the right capacity. It is best to have a battery of 1 or 1.5 kW per kW of solar panels. So if you have an average solar installation of 4 kW, it is ideal to buy a home battery with a capacity of 4 to 6 kW.

There is currently no subsidy available for home batteries in the Netherlands. But this is expected to come and home batteries will become more and more interesting in the coming years! Since this year (2023), you already benefit from the zero VAT rate. Contact us for personalized advice.