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Generate your own sustainable energy with solar panels from De Duurzame Jongens.
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Buy solar panels?

De Duurzame Jongens deliver, assemble and maintain your solar panel installation. Both for the private and business markets. We are a certified installer of solar panel systems, affiliated with the Solar Energy Guarantee Fund Foundation. This way we assure you that we are a reliable choice to make your home more sustainable. And not just in the area of solar panels. Our additional services make De Duurzame Jongens your total partner in sustainable energy solutions. Now and in the future!

Investing in solar panels is a good first step to investing in the future. If you are going to buy solar panels, it is first important to find out if your roof is suitable. Then you can compare solar panels in price and yield. During a no-obligation consultation, we look at your situation and the possibilities. Based on this, you will receive a quote: a customized sustainability plan with calculations and revenues.

Best solar panel systems

Exclusively A-brands

We stand for top quality and maximum safety. Because sustainable also means: to last for a long time. Therefore, we work exclusively with A-brand solar panels, inverters, substructures and mounting materials. Products with long manufacturer’s warranties.

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Installing solar panels from A to Z

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Investing in solar panels

The net metering scheme, VAT refund and municipal subsidy makes buying solar panels extra attractive now.

Installing solar panel systems

We guarantee excellent quality and safety, because our installers are VCA certified and work according to the NEN standard.

Compare solar panels

We supply and install POLY (silver) and MONO (black) solar panels in standard sizes, with varying wattages.

Maintenance & warranty service solar panels

Our strength is in personal service, 24/7 online monitoring of your plant, annual cleaning and quality inspections.

Yield of solar panels

Quality pays off. You’re going to see that reflected in your energy output. Smart software (developed by TU Delft) lets us calculate exactly how much your solar panels will yield you. Simple and transparent!

How can we be so sure? We place the installation in the most efficient location on the roof of your home, making the payback as economical as possible.

Also saving money with solar panels?

Leave your details and we will contact you within two working days. If desired, we can visit you without obligation!

Frequently asked questions about solar panels

This depends on a number of factors. Namely: how much electricity you use, the area of your roof and the power of the solar panels. An engineering inspection provides more insight into this. Curious about the possibilities? Request a no-obligation consultation.

On average, a solar panel takes up an area of 1.5 m2. For a flat roof, you can take into account an area of 2.5 m2 per panel, including shadow. The angle of your roof affects the energy yield, but even on a flat roof, a solar panel can be installed at a 10-degree angle. This gives you minimal efficiency loss compared to an optimal angle of 35 degrees. For more information, please contact us.

Solar panels generate electricity for your central power. The solar cells in the panel convert sunlight into electricity (direct current). An inverter converts direct current into usable alternating current. Alternating current is what you use in your household. That’s why an inverter is an important part of your solar panel installation.

The technical name for a solar panel is PV panel. PV stands for ‘photovoltaic’ and converts photo (light) into volts (electricity). The complete system of solar panels is called a PV system.

Want to know more? Contact us .

The savings in energy costs is perhaps the biggest benefit of solar panels. In addition, they are sustainable, good for your home value and CO2 saving. We will tell you much more about this in a no-obligation consultation!

To calculate how many solar panels per m2 will fit on your roof, we can perform a roof check. If parts of the roof are (sometimes) in the shade, it may be smarter to choose a parallel-connected system. Our consultant will make a shadow plan calculation to understand this. Schedule a consultation for more information.

This depends on the type of inverter and the maximum power. It determines what you can connect to a maximum of 1 group. Of course, the inverter must be matched to the solar panels. This includes the capacity (WP), the roof slope and orientation of the roof, and your location. Our installers know how to handle this very well. Contact us for more information.

Dirt on your solar panels leads to lower yields. And that, of course, cannot be the intention! We come to clean your solar panels once a year, preferably in the spring. In addition, we do a safety inspection according to SCIOS SCOPE 12. Interested in this service? Read more about maintenance.

There are several types of solar panels. The most common are the polycrystalline (poly) and the mono crystalline (mono) solar panels. Poly panels are blue and mono panels are black in color. Poly panels are slightly cheaper, but have almost the same power output as mono panels. The standard size of a solar panel is 1.65 x 1.0 M. We supply and install standard sizes of poly and mono solar panels. Contact us for more information!

On average, you will recoup the cost of investing in a PV system within 7 years. After that, you can enjoy free electricity! In addition, you will save on your energy bill from the moment of installation. This is because you immediately use the energy from the solar panels on the appliances that are on in your home. Energy that you do not use will be deducted from your energy supplier’s annual bill. We check whether your energy meter is suitable for this. You may also reclaim the VAT on the purchase of a PV system.

There is no national subsidy for solar panels, but it is worth checking with your Municipality whether they offer a sustainability loan, or to organize a collective installation with your neighbors. For this we can offer a collective quotation. Contact us for more information.

The cost of solar panels varies by roof. This depends, for example, on the number of solar panels. Want to know more? We tell you all about the cost of solar panels.

Curious about the yield of solar panels on your roof? Do the quick savings check. In a no-obligation consultation, we will tell you more about your options with solar panels, the solar panel price and your savings!

The amount of power generated by a solar panel is called yield. In other words, solar panel yield is the amount of kilowatt hours of electricity (kWh) that a solar panel produces. This is related to the power (Watt peak). The greater the power, the higher the yield of the solar panel (depending on number of sun hours and temperature). May, June and July are usually the best months for solar panels. Contact us for more information.

Efficiency is the amount of sunlight that can be converted into energy. Actually, then, we mean what solar panels bring you financially. This can be different on each roof (due to location, slope or shading). We can calculate this accurately for you.

Want to know what you save with solar panels? Do the savings check. Do you need advice? Request a no-obligation consultation.

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