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with a heat pump air conditioner

Cool and heat your home with a heat pump air conditioner from De Duurzame Jongens. A sustainable solution for the future.

Buy air conditioning and have it installed

De Duurzame Jongens supply, install and maintain your air conditioning installation. As a STEK certified air conditioning installer, we provide your home with a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. An air conditioner is cost-effective and can be combined well with your solar panels .

Before we install your air conditioner, our sustainability advisor will come by for a consultation and technical inspection. Because we want the best solution for your situation. We look at the cable route, the mounting location and other technical aspects. On the basis of this, we put together a quotation: tailor-made advice with associated costs.

Advantages air conditioning installation

By heating with your air conditioning, your gas consumption decreases by about 30 to 40%.

In combination with solar panels, you save a lot of energy every month. This translates into a lower energy bill.

An optimal indoor climate: wonderfully cool in summer and pleasantly warm in winter.

You can monitor and optimize your energy consumption via the Smart Home Manager app.

With filters and an air purification function, dirty dust particles are removed from the air.

Best air conditioner brands

Exclusively A-brands

We stand for top quality and maximum safety. Because sustainable also means: to last for a long time. That is why we only work with A-brand air conditioners. Sturdy units with low energy consumption. And as a recognized air conditioning installer, we can do this completely in-house. In short, you are always assured of a reliable service.

Air conditioning heat pump

An air conditioner is actually an air heat pump, which can both cool and heat. In an environmentally friendly way, heat is moved from inside to outside. This keeps your home cool in the summer. In winter, it works the other way around: the air conditioner takes heat from the outside air and blows it inside. Now your home is pleasantly warm. Additional benefit: your gas consumption drops dramatically. And combined with your solar panels, it’s the smartest solution to save on your energy bills!

STEK certified

STEK stands for Emission Prevention Koudetechniek Foundation, a foundation that certifies companies in collaboration with inspection companies. With the STEK certificate, De Duurzame Jongens distinguish themselves in the field of safety, quality and sustainability. In this way we can fulfill our duty of care for the environment even better.

BRL 100 certificate

The BRL 100 certificate is a mandatory certificate for installation companies that work on cooling equipment, air conditioning equipment and heat pumps in which F-gases are used. As an air conditioning installation company, this allows us to demonstrate that we have taken precautions to prevent the leakage of F-gases.

Customized maintenance contract

We recommend annual maintenance of your air conditioning for optimal operation and a long life. We record agreements with regard to maintenance in a tailor-made maintenance contract. In this way you are assured of the best service, even in the event of malfunctions or other technical problems.

air conditioning cover

Evolar outdoor unit housing gives your outdoor unit a stylish appearance. These covers are available in various materials and colours. They are durable, maintenance-free and decibel-reducing. Suitable for any brand of air conditioning, without affecting the operation of the air conditioning. Interested? We are happy to tell you more.

Frequently asked questions about air conditioners

Where the outdoor unit can be placed depends on your home and situation. It is important that the unit is free. If you know in which room the indoor unit will be placed, the location for the outdoor unit can be determined. The installer must take various factors into account, such as sunlight.

For the best advice, please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

It is not mandatory to have air conditioning maintenance performed. However, it is necessary for a lasting effect. Your air conditioning can suddenly make more noise, cool less well or increase energy costs. Signs that your air conditioner needs to be serviced.

We recommend annual inspection and maintenance. Inquire about our maintenance contracts!

Air conditioners come in different brands, sizes and types. It depends on your wishes and needs, which air conditioning is suitable. There are many good A-brands available, such as Daikin, LG and Maxicool. When making a choice, it is important to pay attention to the power. Cooling capacity is calculated based on the volume of the room and heat factor. For an average house in the Netherlands, the rule of thumb is that you need about 30 to 40 Watts of cooling power for every cubic meter.

During an inspection at home, we can tell you exactly which air conditioner suits your situation. Contact us for advice.

Fixed air conditioning is always a good choice. This allows you to properly regulate the temperature in the house and you will not be bothered by noise pollution. There are two versions: single-split unit (one room) and multi-split unit (several rooms). Daikin is known as a high quality brand. In addition, LG, Samsung and Mitsubishi are also well rated.

De Duurzame Jongens works with various A-brand air conditioners. If you have a preference, that’s fine. Otherwise, we are happy to advise you!

If you only want to cool the bedroom, you can opt for a single-split air conditioning. The indoor unit should be placed as high as possible in the room. In addition, good ventilation is important. Of course, the air conditioning must also be quiet. Compared to a mobile air conditioner, a fixed air conditioner hardly makes any noise. Very nice for your night’s sleep.

The modern air conditioners of the brands we work with have various functions, including a silent sleep mode. We are happy to advise you on the best air conditioning for your bedroom.

Multiple indoor units can be connected to 1 outdoor unit. This is also known as a multi-split air conditioner. This air conditioner is especially suitable for cooling or heating homes/offices with multiple rooms. Because you can then regulate the temperature separately for each room.

Would you like to know what the options are for your home or office building? Contact us .

Curious about the possibilities of air conditioning in your home?