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Buying an air conditioner

Comfortable, efficient and economical. An air conditioner gives you control over your indoor climate as well as your energy bills. Looking for a sustainable solution to quickly cool or heat a room? Then an air conditioner is the best choice. The efficiency is much higher than heating with a boiler or electric radiator. And by combining air conditioning with your solar panel installation, you can save even more money each month.

Single-split air conditioning system

This system cools one room of your home with one air conditioning indoor unit and one outdoor unit connected together. It is the most ideal choice for attics, bedrooms and office spaces.

Multi-split air conditioning system

This system cools your entire home with one air conditioning outdoor unit and two or more indoor units that can be controlled separately for each room. Very convenient if you want to control the temperature per room.

Why air conditioning?

Get rid of gas faster and heat your home more sustainably. You can do that with an air conditioner. A fixed air conditioner uses less electricity, than a central heating boiler uses gas. And your gas consumption? That halves!

Modern air conditioners offer both cooling and heating capabilities. In winter, they bring comfortable warmth to your living space. And on hot summer days, air conditioning actually provides refreshment.

With an air conditioner, you can enjoy extra home comfort all year round. Whether you’re at home or in the office, you won’t be affected by extreme temperatures.

An air conditioner uses only electricity. When you generate your own energy with solar panels, you heat or cool your home in a sustainable way.

Air conditioners are equipped with air filters that remove dust, allergens and pollutants from the air. This leads to cleaner and healthier indoor air quality.

Buying an air conditioning system from De Duurzame Jongens

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Ready to enjoy the benefits of an air conditioner? Request a no-obligation consultation today.

Frequently asked questions about air conditioners

Often an air conditioner is seen as a big consumer of energy. This is true when you use it exclusively for cooling. Heating with an air conditioner actually reduces energy consumption. In fact, a central heating boiler and radiators have very high gas consumption. An air conditioner, on the other hand, uses only electricity. And with solar panels, you can generate this renewable energy yourself! That way, the costs end up being lower. Want to know more? Contact us .

An air conditioner is the cheapest way to heat your home. Cheaper than your central heating boiler. This is due to the high prices of gas. By heating your home (partially) with an air conditioner, you use less gas. How much you can save depends on gas and electric prices, the type of air conditioner and its power. We would be happy to tell you more about this in a consultation.

You can use the electricity generated from your solar panels to cool or heat your home with an air conditioner. In doing so, you don’t have to worry about your energy bill. This is because the power for the air conditioner comes from your panels.

Air conditioners come in different brands, sizes and types. It depends on your needs, which air conditioner is suitable. There are many good A brands available, such as Daikin, LG and Mitsubishi. It is especially important to look at power. Cooling capacity is calculated based on the volume of the room and heat factor. For an average house in the Netherlands, the rule of thumb is that you need about 30 to 40 Watts of cooling power for every cubic meter. During a home inspection, we can tell you exactly which air conditioner is right for you. Contact us for advice.

It is not mandatory to have air conditioning maintenance performed. For lasting effect, we do recommend it. Your air conditioning can suddenly make more noise, cool less well or increase energy costs. Signs that your air conditioner needs to be serviced. Inquire about our maintenance contracts!