Air conditioning Heerlen

An air conditioner is increasingly necessary these days. This is because we have hot summers and increasingly well insulated homes. These houses keep the heat in even better during the summer. This is good for the power or gas bill, but not for your health. From too much heat, you can quickly get a headache and become dizzy. Hence, people today no longer consider an air conditioner a luxury product, but a must. Buying an air conditioner in Heerlen is quite an investment. This is an investment not only because of the cost that is usually involved, but also because a modern optimization, such as air conditioners, will make your home worth more and provide more prestige. Do you want to optimize your home? Buying an air conditioner in Heerlen helps with this.

Do you have a spacious house and want to always have access to a fresh and cool house in the summer? Buying one air conditioner in Heerlen is not enough then. We at De Duurzame Jongens specialize in air conditioning and recommend that you definitely have several air conditioners installed in your home. This way you will get optimal and effective results. However, for good results, you must have the right air conditioner. In fact, there are many different air conditioners. The best air conditioner for the home is a fixed air conditioner. With a fixed air conditioner, you would have to install one unit at each room you want to cool. However, this is not a problem with a mobile air conditioner or a portable air conditioner. These just don’t work as well and are less functional as the fixed air conditioners in Heerlen. This is because stationary air conditioners typically have better cooling capabilities. In addition, fixed air conditioners are much more economical than mobile air conditioners in Heerlen. A stationary air conditioner can’t just be used to cool a home. Air conditioners can also heat your home in the winter. This is even more sustainable than a central heating boiler. Because warm air is blown through a heat pump, it not only works faster but also uses less gas. As a result, your energy bill will decrease. In addition to lowering your energy bill, you are also contributing to a sustainable society and that is what we stand for and want to go for.

Do you have questions about this or are you interested in buying an air conditioner in Heerlen? We deliver and install our air conditioners. Also, our installer will come and personally install the air conditioning in Heerlen for you. Do you already have an air conditioner in Heerlen? In addition to supplying and installing, we can also service your air conditioner to make it last extra long. Do you still have questions? Please feel free to contact us. At De Duurzame Jongens, you can ask all your questions and our team will be happy to offer you personal advice without obligation.

Installing air conditioning

To install one or more air conditioners, most people need help. Do you also not know how to install and fit air conditioners? Then give us a call and our team will be waiting for you at the right address. In fact, our team specializes in installing an air conditioner in Heerlen. They possess the proper certifications and perform this task daily. Before our team visits you, we make sure our sustainability consultant has visited for a discussion and technical inspection so that both we and you are aware of the situation. This way we can look at the cable route, mounting locations and other technical aspects. With this clarity and understanding, we prepare a quote with all associated costs.

Buying an air conditioning system in Heerlen

Important information to know when buying an air conditioner is that there are many different providers. As a customer, always think about your wish list. After all, you are the customer and looking for the ideal air conditioner in Heerlen. For example, an important function of an air conditioner is to dehumidify the space in the house. Less humid areas allow occupants to lose heat better. With this air-conditioned space, you will notice as soon as you walk in that it also provides an immediate relief. Furthermore, a higher-powered air conditioner is also always more expensive to buy than a lower-powered one. This is also very important to know while buying air conditioning in Heerlen. In addition, power affects the space you want to cool. For example, do you have an air conditioner with 30 to 40 watts of cooling power? Then this is equivalent to a space of 100 to 135 m³. In addition, to buy an air conditioner in Heerlen, it is important to consider the different types of air conditioners available. To be sure of your case, we at De Duurzame Jongens can help you.

Buy air conditioning in Heerlen

De Duurzame Jongens also work with extra service. After all, we want to ensure a sustainable future. So in addition to air conditioners, we also own solar panels and sustainable roofs, which realizes this sustainable future for you and us. Want to request a quote or have questions about solar panels or other sustainable options? Then contact us.

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