of the friends bonus

Recommend De Duurzame Jongens = earn € 50 as an existing and a new customer

You enjoy your solar panels and are convinced that your friends, neighbors or family can also benefit. We make it even more attractive to share your enthusiasm. As an existing customer of De Duurzame Jongens, you can easily earn € 50. And to make it even better, your friend will receive a €50 discount on his or her installation. Below we explain exactly what the friend bonus entails.


You tell someone enthusiastically about the solar panels from De Duurzame Jongens.

Sign up

This person requests a quote and, on your recommendation, becomes our client.


You will receive €50 once your friend has signed the offer. And he/she will receive a €50 discount.

How does the friend bonus work?

Please provide the names of your friends, neighbors, or family that you know would be interested in receiving information about solar panels. We will then send these individuals an email with your name and a link to our website. They can then schedule a no-obligation consultation with De Duurzame Jongens.

As soon as someone becomes a customer on your recommendation, you will receive a friend bonus worth € 50. Your friend will also receive a €50 discount on the installation.

For more information check out the promotion terms and conditions.

Suggesting Friends

Share your enthusiasm about your solar panel installation. Please provide your own information first, so we know who is eligible to receive the friend bonus. Then fill in the contact information of the people you suggest so we can send them the information.

Your own data

The details of your friend(s)

Please fill in the address of your friend as well. We will then check whether his or her roof is suitable (optional).

Action Conditions De Duurzame Jongens

When is someone a customer?
Someone is a customer when the quote is signed. General terms and conditions apply to all our customers.

Who may specify a customer?
Are you a (former) customer of De Duurzame Jongens and do you invite your friends, neighbors or family using your own name? Then you may participate in this action. We assume that everyone has personally notified the nominated friends themselves. Each person you nominate is a personal connection and appreciates your giving them up. Commercial and corporate submissions are excluded from participation.

What do nominated friends receive?
They will receive an email about this promotion. In it we include your name and a link to our website to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We may also approach your friend by telephone to go over any wishes in advance.

How is the tethering bonus paid out?
We will pay the bonus to the IBAN account you specify during this application.

Multiple entries per person
If one of your friends is nominated by more than one person, only the first nominator will receive the friend bonus. We keep track of this.

Adjusting the conditions
De Duurzame Jongens may change the terms surrounding this promotion at any time. We don’t need to communicate about this. We have the right to withdraw fees if we suspect fraud or if partial actions are not in line with the terms and conditions.

Do you have questions about the terms and conditions or about this promotion? Feel free to ask them! Contact us.