Solar panels Sittard

Are you looking for solar panels in Sittard? Then you have come to the right place at De Duurzame Jongens. By investing in solar panels, you are investing in the future. Solar panels are an easy way to save on your energy bills.

The sun provides energy in the form of light and heat that can be converted into electricity. But how does such a solar panel work? A panel consists of solar cells, these solar cells consist of two layers of silicon. When the sun shines on this panel, electricity is created between those two layers. An inverter takes this electricity to the meter box, where it is converted to alternating current. You can then use this power in your home. Purchasing solar panels in Sittard is certainly an investment, but with us, you will have earned your money back after about six years. In addition to having lower monthly costs, you can also earn money back from your energy supplier. We as a partner of Volta and Essent can guarantee you fixed prices. We only work with A-brand solar panels, inverters, sub-constructions and assembly materials, so that products last even longer and therefore yield more. Do you already have questions about installing solar panels in Sittard? Then feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you make your home more sustainable and are always available with our expert advice.


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The solar panel installer in Sittard

We as De Duurzame Jongens have a mission to excel in the experience surrounding solar panel installations. We really want to contribute something to society and would like to be the solar panel installer in Sittard. In recent years, we have grown from friends for life to a full-fledged installation company of 17 employees. Our staff knows how to perfect everything, so quality and service are our top priority. We will always arrive at your door with a ray of sunshine on our face and are prepared to perfection. We take on all challenges and are dedicated to solving all your problems. We want to make the difference and thus not only be the best solar panel installer in Sittard, but in the whole of the Netherlands!

Do you want to buy solar panels in Sittard?

Are you thinking of buying solar panels in Sittard? If so, we can help you with our roadmap. You start with an orientation: what are the costs of buying solar panels in Sittard and what can I save? You can do the  savings check on our website for this purpose. In addition, we are always ready to calculate everything for you. After the orientation, we are happy to come by for a consultation, we will look at your household situation. We then incorporate your personal sustainability plan into a quote. Next, a technical specialist will visit and consult on a favorable cable route. He also performs an inspection in the meter box and on the roof.

Once we have prepared everything down to the last detail, we will come and install your solar panels on the agreed day and time. Once the solar panels are installed, you can start saving. You can monitor this through the app on your smartphone or tablet. Through this app, we can also see if your panels need installation service or maintenance. In addition, we recommend inspecting and having the solar panels cleaned so that you can get the best return from them. Are you still doubting whether you want to buy solar panels in Sittard? Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us so we can advise you. We are ready with all our service and we strive to make you a satisfied customer.

More than just the installation of solar panels in Sittard

In addition to installing solar panels in Sittard, we have additional services. Our ambition is a sustainable future, which is why you can also come to us for air conditioning installations, sustainable roofing, electrical modifications, vehicle charging stations and energy storage. Our installers have years of experience in installation technology and know exactly when you need what at what time. Whether it’s solar panels or an air conditioning installation, we guarantee an excellent quality installation at a common price. We hope you will join us in contributing to a cleaner, sustainable future. Would you like to request a quote? Or do you still have doubts about whether your living situation is suitable for installing solar panels? Please feel free to contact us. Our entire team is ready to serve you with enthusiasm.

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