Air conditioning Maastricht

An air conditioner in Maastricht is not a luxury. Because houses in Maastricht are very well insulated nowadays, it is often too hot in the summer. This can be a big problem in the summer. We are simply living in a time where climate change plays a major role. Because of global warming, summers are getting very hot. These insulated homes retain extra heat as a result. This creates a close and sticky warm feeling in your home. Are you also tired of this heat in the summer? Then buying an air conditioning system in Maastricht is the solution. Have you been wanting to buy an air conditioning system in Maastricht for some time, but haven’t taken the step yet? Then feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

How does heat affect you without air conditioning in Maastricht?

Do you recognize the problem? You can’t sleep well in the summer, you sweat all day long, you want to shower at least three times a day or you can’t concentrate well. The heat that is in your home or space is very increased in the summer, which can cause many problems. Complaints such as fatigue and headaches quickly appear in warm temperatures. Did you also know that a room that is too warm can even cause you to feel lightheaded, causing you to faint or become drowsy? Your body is looking to cool down, but it’s not going to. So buying an air conditioner in Maastricht can be a real investment for you and your family. Not only for health, but also for later in the future when temperatures will be even higher. As a resident of Maastricht, do you not recognize this problem? If so, you probably already have an air conditioner or some form of air conditioning installed.

In addition to providing a pleasant temperature in the summer, an air conditioner in Maastricht can also provide wonderful heating in the winter. The image of an air conditioner that only consumes a lot of energy is a thing of the past. Nowadays, an air conditioner is actually more durable than a central heating boiler. This is because a central heating boiler consumes more gas and therefore costs more money. Because an air conditioner uses a heat pump that heats and blows out air, it consumes little energy. Not only better for your wallet but also for the environment. Want to save even more money? Then consider installing solar panels or buying an electric car. Reducing the use of fossil fuels will make the world a lot greener and the future more financially attractive.

Installing an air conditioning system in Maastricht

Not sure how to best install an air conditioner? If so, it is best to outsource this task. We at De Duurzame Jongens can install your air conditioning in Maastricht. You can also always come to us for a consultation to discuss your air conditioning options. An air conditioner is installed in your home in a place where the unit is free to stand. So this depends on your home and situation. Before we install your air conditioner, our consultant will visit you for a discussion and a technical inspection. This is included in the price. This is because we want to look for the best solution to your problem. The prices of the customized quote are based on the visit of the sustainability consultant. You can always contact us without obligation. If you happen to know where the indoor unit will be you can already come to us. We are also at your service for any maintenance or other questions.

Buying an air conditioning system in Maastricht

Buying an air conditioning system in Maastricht and having it installed by De Duurzame Jongens? We ensure quality and maximum safety. We do this by installing only top A brands of air conditioning in Maastricht. These air conditioners have low energy consumption and feature sturdy units. We also service your air conditioning system.

In addition to selling and installing air conditioners, we also guarantee that you are always assured of reliable service. In addition, you can also choose modern options, such as a filter or air purification function. These remove the dirty dust particles that are in the air. Also, you can choose to have a cover placed over the air conditioner. To make it match your home as well, there are several options available. These covers are available in different sizes and colors. In addition, these covers are durable, maintenance-free and decibel-reducing. This means that they have a sound dampening effect.

Do you have an air conditioner from another brand? For example, from Bestair. Then this is not a problem, because they are suitable for any brand that is offered. So this option is also possible for your air conditioning in Maastricht. Our ambition is to look to a sustainable future for all. We also possess the mandatory BRL 100 certificate for working with refrigeration equipment. We also have the STEK certificate for safety, quality and durability that we want to offer you. Still have questions about buying an air conditioner in Maastricht? Or would you like to know more about our story and available options? Then you can ask your question via the website, the mail or call us during opening hours. Feel free to get in touch!

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