Air conditioning Sittard

An air conditioner allows you to enjoy a perfectly pleasant indoor climate. By installing an air conditioner in Sittard, you can enjoy a wonderfully cool home in the summer. Even in the winter, an air conditioner in Sittard is profitable. For example, you can heat your home with an air conditioner and reduce your gas consumption by 30 to 50%. To reduce gas consumption even more, you could use renewable energy such as solar power and properly insulate your roof, walls and floors. In addition to an air conditioner improving the temperature, filters and an air purification function remove dirty dust particles. So you are not only creating a world with cleaner air but also a cleaner home. Do you also want to live more sustainably and make a lot of money that way? Or do you have questions about installing at an air conditioning in Sittard? Please feel free to contact us so that we can further assist and advise you.

Purchase air conditioning in Sittard

When you want to buy an air conditioner in Sittard, we are happy to assist you. We at De Duurzame Jongens supply, install and maintain your air conditioning system. Our ambition is to strive for a sustainable future. We do this by making homes more sustainable. Buying an air conditioner in Sittard is also part of it. An air conditioner gives the most return combined with solar panels. Many people think that an air conditioner can only be used in cooling a home. The opposite is true. An air conditioner is also a great solution for sustainably heating rooms. The warm air from the room is sucked through the air conditioner by the heat pump and redistributed. Not only more sustainable but also more effective and cheaper than heating your entire house with a central heating boiler.

With our additional services, we offer everything under one roof. We stand for top quality and maximum safety. After all, durable also means long-lasting. We only work with A-brand air conditioners, this means a sturdy air conditioner with low energy consumption. As a certified STEK air conditioning installer, we can perform this completely in-house. So with us, you are always assured of a reliable service when you want to buy an air conditioner in Sittard.

Installing air conditioning in Sittard

Before we install your air conditioning in Sittard, our sustainability consultant will visit you for a consultation. In this conversation, we can discuss several options for making your home more sustainable. We want you to get the best solution for your situation. For example, we look at the cable route, the mounting location and other technical aspects. Based on this we make a quotation, which consists of a customized advice with associated costs. Where we can install an air conditioner in Sittard depends on your home and situation. This is because it is important that the unit is free in a room. This is because an installer must take certain aspects into account.

Which air conditioner you can install in Sittard depends on its power. This is because the cooling capacity is calculated based on the volume of the room and heat factor. Usually in the Netherlands this is 30 to 40 watts of cooling power for each cubic meter.

We can make your air conditioner look stylish in addition to working properly. With an air conditioning cover, an enclosure is built outside the outdoor unit. This can be done in a variety of materials and colors. These air conditioning covers are durable, maintenance free and decibel lowering. It is suitable for any air conditioner and it does not affect processing in any way. Do you have questions about this air conditioning cover or about installing an air conditioner? Then contact us. In addition to quality air conditioning installation in Sittard, good service is paramount to us and we are happy to answer all your questions.

More than just buying air conditioning in Sittard

For optimal yield, just buying an air conditioner in Sittard is not enough. It is not mandatory to perform maintenance on an air conditioner. Nevertheless, it is necessary for a lasting effect. In fact, overdue maintenance can cause your air conditioner to cool less, increase energy costs or make noise. Through our maintenance contracts, we can guarantee an annual inspection and maintenance. A maintenance contract lays down all agreements regarding maintenance so that you can be assured of the best service.

Buying an air conditioner in Sittard from De Duurzame Jongens is a good investment in your future. To get even more out of it, you can choose environmentally conscious sustainable roofing in addition to an air conditioner. Durable roofing is maintenance-free, increases the value of your property and has an insulating effect. The insulating effect has a positive impact on the performance of your air conditioner. It is also easier to put solar panels on it which will ensure that you start generating energy for free. Would you like to learn more about our durable roofing products? Or do you want to know what the exact return is in your case if you also have solar panels installed? We are happy to share all our knowledge about this field. We hope that we can convince you not only to make society more sustainable but also to invest in your own future.

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