Solar Panels Hoensbroek

Do you also want to save with solar panels in Hoensbroek? We at the Sustainable Boys can help you do just that. Did you know that there are many other benefits besides generating and consuming renewable energy? For example, with solar panels in Hoensbroek you earn an average of €820 per year, you can make use of a VAT refund service and there are various subsidy and financing options. We at the Sustainable Boys are helping to build a sustainable future where everyone is independent, will you join us? We are happy to tell you about it. If you have any questions at this time, please contact us via the website. We are happy to take the time to answer all your questions.

Also saving money with solar panels?

Duurzame Jongens as solar panel installer in Hoensbroek

Before we tell you more about solar panels, we would like to introduce ourselves as solar panel installers in Hoensbroek. We are the Sustainable Boys, cheerful, enthusiastic and driven. Our mission is to excel in the experience surrounding solar panel installations. In this way, we want to contribute something to society and really make a difference. Our happy employees arrive with a ray of sunshine on their faces, prepared to perfection and doing their jobs with passion and joy. Our goal is to solve problems and meet challenges in order to make and keep our customers happy. As a solar panel installer in Hoensbroek, we want to prepare your home for a sustainable future, and we want to do it in style. Would you like to know more about us? Or do you have questions about The Sustainable Boys? Then feel free to check out our website or contact us.

Do you want to buy solar panels in Hoensbroek?

De Duurzame Jongens supply, install and maintain solar panel installations for both individuals and the business market. Our solar panel installers in Hoensbroek are affiliated with the Stichting Garantiefonds Zonne- Energie. Do you want to buy solar panels in Hoensbroek? If so, it is first important to check whether your roof is suitable for solar panels. Then the different solar panels can be compared in yield and price. During a free consultation, we are happy to help you with our knowledge and expert advice. We therefore look together with you at your personal situation and the possibilities in this. Based on these options, we will prepare a quote for you, aka a customized sustainability plan with all the calculations and even the returns. We want to make buying solar panels in Hoensbroek as easy as possible for you. In addition to our service, we stand for maximum safety and top quality. We use only A-brand solar panels, mounting materials, inverters and substructures. This means that our products have a long manufacturer’s warranty and will last a long time – after all, that’s sustainability too. In addition, we are partners with Volta and Essent so we can always guarantee fixed prices. When you buy solar panels from us in Hoensbroek you are always guaranteed a reliable service.

Installing solar panels in Hoensbroek

De Duurzame Jongens has an all-in service. This means a complete worry-free service, from the supply and installation of solar panels in Hoensbroek to professional cleaning and maintenance. When we have convinced you during the consultation, an inspection can be carried out. A technical specialist can visit you to discuss a favorable cable route with you. In addition, an inspection on the roof and in the meter box is performed. Is everything in order? Then the solar panels can be installed in Hoensbroek.

After our staff installs the solar panels, the saving can begin! Through an app you can monitor your yield, so you can continue to enjoy your solar panels in Hoensbroek. As we mentioned earlier, we supply, install and maintain solar panels. This means that you can also come to us for the maintenance, inspection and cleaning of your installation. After all, maintaining solar panels ensures the best return on investment.

More than just solar panels on your roof?

Together we want to strive for a sustainable future. This means more than just installing solar panels in Hoensbroek. In addition to solar panels, we are happy to assist you with air conditioning installations, sustainable roofing, electrical modifications, vehicle charging stations and energy storage. In fact, all the small changes create a sustainable whole in a house. With us, you can be assured that all adjustments will be made with complete precision and attention. As a result, our installers have years of experience in installation technology, electrical and roofing. All of our installations are of excellent quality and at a prevailing price. We work exclusively with the NEN 1010 and 3140 inspection standards and leave everything clean. We hope you can enjoy a sustainable home as soon as possible. Are you convinced? Then contact us quickly through our website! We are happy to get started for you.

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