Solar Panels Schimmert

Are you hesitating to purchase solar panels in Schimmert? We are happy to help you make the right choices. Through our customized advice, efficient payback model and sustainable installations, we want to put a ray of sunshine on your face. We want to unburden you with our all-in service. From delivery to professional cleaning, we take care of it all for you. Our mission is to excel in the experience surrounding solar panel installations and thus make a real difference. We therefore do this with all enthusiasm and drive. Are you looking for Solar Panels in Schimmert? Do not hesitate any longer and feel free to contact us. We are always ready to answer your questions with our service and knowledge.


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Why buy solar panels in Schimmert?

Why is buying solar panels in Schimmert an investment in the future? We strive for a sustainable future with our boys. Installing solar panels at your home contributes to this. By using green energy, you not only contribute to a greener and more sustainable world, but you also save on your energy costs. After about six years, you will have earned back the solar panels. In addition, there is an equalization scheme, VAT refund and municipal subsidy for buying solar panels. This means that you can reclaim 21% of the VAT from the tax authorities for up to six months after purchasing the solar panels. There are also various schemes from the municipality that make buying solar panels in Schimmert more advantageous. However, this may vary from one municipality to another. Want to check how much you can save? Then take a look at the, there you will find exactly which subsidy you are eligible for. Our service is of excellent quality and we only work with A-brands. As a partner of Volta and Essent, we can guarantee fixed prices. Do you want to know what you can save when you buy solar panels in Schimmert? You can find a savings check on our website. In addition, we are happy to advise you during a consultation.

How does a solar panel installer in Schimmert work?

In order to provide a good service, we show you step by step how a solar panel installer in Schimmert works. First of all you start with an orientation, during an orientation you will look at what the costs are and what you can save. We are happy to calculate this for you. We like to keep our installation personal and therefore invite you for a consultation. During such a conversation, we will look at your options and a customized sustainability plan will be created. Once a plan is drawn up, our technical specialist will visit you, consult on a favorable cable route and perform a meter box and roof inspection. At the agreed day and time, our solar panel installer in Schimmert will come to install your solar panels. Once the solar panels are installed, you can monitor the yield via the app on your smartphone. Through this app, we can also see if service is needed. In addition to being able to see what you are saving, you can also see how much energy you are consuming. Even after the solar panels are installed, we are there for you. Have questions about the app or want to have your solar panels cleaned? Please feel free to contact us, we are eager to help our customers and put a smile on their face.

More than just solar panels in Schimmert

Our ambition is to strive for a sustainable future. This goes beyond just installing solar panels. The combination of a sustainable roof and good solar panels in Schimmert is the most advantageous combination. A durable roof is maintenance-free, has an insulating effect and increases the value of your property. In short, a nice contribution to a sustainable living environment and your wallet. We also install, supply and maintain air conditioning systems. These can be combined well with solar panels. In fact, your gas usage will then decrease by 30% to 40%. Do you have questions about our additional services? Or do you want to know how this goes together with our solar panels in Schimmert? Then contact us and we will explain it to you with all enthusiasm. After all, we are happy and passionate about creating a sustainable home in style.

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