Air conditioning Landgraaf

Do you live in Landgraaf and surroundings and want to enjoy a pleasant indoor climate, even on the hottest summer days? With an air conditioner in Landgraaf, it is always a pleasant temperature in the house. With summers getting longer and hotter, buying an air conditioner in Landgraaf is certainly no unnecessary luxury. But even in the winter, you can heat your home sustainably with an air conditioner. We are happy to list the benefits of an air conditioner for you. Read on quickly or contact us for more information. The experienced staff at De Duurzame Jongens is ready to answer all your questions.

Benefits of an air conditioner in Landgraaf

We understand that an air conditioner in Landgraaf can be a hefty investment. To help you make an informed decision about whether to buy an air conditioner in Landgraaf, we have listed the benefits.

An air conditioner in Landgraaf reduces gas consumption and therefore lowers energy bills
With an air conditioner, you can also heat your home. Did you know that heating with an air conditioner can reduce gas consumption by as much as 30% to 50%? Heating a room is done by a heat pump. This pump sucks cold air and blows this air out warm. This is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. Want to save even more? Insulating your home can help achieve this. In fact, a well-insulated home will allow you to save 30% to 40%. This is as much as one to two monthly wages per year.

Living pleasure is increased with an air conditioner

Enjoy a pleasant indoor climate in both summer and winter. An air conditioner offers the solution to this, all year round. This means that sticky, hot nights are a thing of the past and you can enjoy extra warmth and coziness in your home during the winter.

A modern air conditioner for every home

De Duurzame Jongens are happy to come by and install your air conditioning in Landgraaf. A big advantage of this is that you can monitor and optimize your energy consumption through the Smart Home Manager app. In addition, our air conditioners have modern options such as filters and air purification functions.

Installing air conditioning in Landgraaf

Looking for a company to install your air conditioning in Landgraaf? Your search stops here. We offer a total package of services We will be happy to send one of our experienced staff, who are of course STEK certified, to install your air conditioning in Landgraaf. In addition to installation, you can also contact us for delivery and maintenance of your air conditioning in Landgraaf. Everything under one roof, which is very convenient. To guarantee you high quality and good service, our sustainability consultant will visit you before we install your air conditioner. This consultant conducts a consultation and technical inspection. In the conversation, all options for making your home more sustainable are discussed. This way, we are sure we can provide the perfect solution for your household situation.

Buy air conditioning in Landgraaf at De Duurzame Jongens

Buying an air conditioning system in Landgraaf you do at De Duurzame Jongens. Besides Landgraaf, we have also been able to help many satisfied customers in Voerendaal, Sittard, Venlo and many more places in Limburg! Are you next in line to buy an air conditioner in Landgraaf? In addition to air conditioners, we also specialize in solar panels. By combining your air conditioner with solar panels, you can benefit from additional savings on energy bills. For more information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us without obligation. We would love to help you take that step toward a greener future!

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