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Environmentally friendly and durable roofing

De Duurzame Jongens are happy to commit to a sustainable renovation of your roof. We have years of experience as roofers and are familiar with all types of roofs. We also have the right know-how if you want to make the roof more sustainable. Consider a green roof, which will bring many benefits to you and your environment. With love for sustainability and respect for nature, we design your (new) roof in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

During a roof inspection, we first assess the condition and age of your roof. Then we look at what is needed for the longest life. Our roofers will give you sincere advice for maximum efficiency. Depending on your situation, needs and budget, we will get to work on your roof renovation. If necessary, we can also create new drainage systems or install rainwater runoff. Then you can get back to it for decades!

Advantages of sustainable roofs

By using sustainable or recyclable materials, you are contributing to a better environment and climate.

The combination of solar panels and a sustainable roof is extra beneficial for your energy bill.

A sustainable roof has a lasting positive effect on your enjoyment of life and the environment.

Durable roofing is virtually maintenance free, has an insulating effect and increases the value of your property.

Types of durable roofing

Bitumen roofing

Bitumen roofing is increasingly being recycled these days in order to be more conscious of materials and thus relieve the environment.

PVC roofing

PVC is plastic roofing and is installed in the same way as bitumen. The white variety holds up well to high temperatures and keeps homes cool.

Natural green roof

On top of the roofing (bitumen, PVC or EPDM) comes vegetation, which includes grasses, succulents, mosses or shrubs. The best choice for a sustainable home.

Frequently asked questions about a sustainable roof

Bitumen roofing is also called roofing leather and is very suitable for flat roofs. This waterproof material is used to cover additions, verandas, dormers or garden sheds. Today, bitumen is increasingly recycled for less environmental impact.

Repair, renew or replace your bitumen roof? Our experienced roofers are happy to help!

A green roof is a flat or pitched roof overgrown with plants, grasses, etc. It consists of multiple layers for optimal protection and nutrition. Not every roof is suitable for a green roof, as it requires a special root-resistant substrate.

Interested in a green roof? Please contact us for the possibilities.

The construction of a green roof depends on the number of m2 and the desired layers. Because it is an environmentally friendly way to better insulate homes, many municipalities make grants available. This makes a green roof even more interesting to invest in.

We would be happy to tell you more about a green roof and the subsidy in a consultation.

A bitumen roof lasts an average of 25 years. Due to cold, precipitation and sunlight, bitumen roofs have a lot to endure. Proper maintenance is therefore necessary for longevity.

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Once cracks or tears appear in the bitumen, the roof may no longer be watertight. Blistering under the bitumen can also indicate moisture under the covering. If the roof is in danger of leaking or has suffered major damage, it is wise to replace the bitumen roofing. Repair is often more difficult and expensive.

Is your bitumen roof in need of replacement? You can count on De Duurzame Jongens!

Before the top layer can be placed, an under layer must first be laid. This is an additional layer for the protection of a home. In addition, insulation plays a big role, as it keeps the heat in the house.

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For a flat roof, the options for roofing consist of roofing leather (roofing/bitumen) and EPDM. Bitumen roofing is still the most widely used in the Netherlands. But EPDM is a suitable underlayment for a green roof.

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The type of roofing depends on the roof: flat or sloped. Construction, weight and insulation are also important. Of course, this varies from house to house.

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