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Additional Services

Working with the boys toward a sustainable future. That’s our ambition. And that goes beyond just installing solar panels. We help you to make your home more sustainable, so you save energy and ultimately experience (even) more living pleasure. That’s why you can also turn to De Duurzame Jongens for air conditioning installations, electrical modifications and energy storage.

In addition to our extensive expertise in solar panel installations, our installers have years of experience in installation technology and electrical. As a modern installer for the future, we know exactly what you need at any given time. Our installations are of excellent quality, at a common price. We guarantee that. We work according to the inspection standards NEN 1010 and 3140. And leave everything tidy, so you can enjoy your sustainable home right away.

Electrical adaptations

Electrical modifications in and around your home are carried out by our electricians, according to NEN standards. Consider an efficient cable route for a pool in your garden. Or connecting the jacuzzi safely. We work with impact resistant pipes in various color options: white, black, gray and stainless steel. Everything is installed in such a way that you are covered with regard to insurance issues.

De Duurzame Jongens provide a safe heart to your home. On a good foundation you can build!

Vehicle charging stations

Looking for a vehicle charging station for your home or office? We can supply and install different types of charging stations. In the app on your smartphone, you can monitor it online. This gives you insight into your energy consumption anytime, anywhere. This is also possible in combination with your solar panel installation. Then you get an inverter combined with a charging station.

Charging your electric car with your own generated solar energy is ideal. Smart and sustainable at the same time!

Energy Storage

An energy storage system allows you to store self-generated solar energy at home. Power generated through your solar panels, but not needed immediately, is stored in a battery. Home batteries are booming and creating many opportunities for the long term. In fact, in this way you will be completely self-sufficient. Moreover, you benefit from your own solar energy at any time.

With an energy storage system, you prevent renewable energy from going to waste. ‘Off grid’ homes are the future!

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