Solar panels Maastricht

The sun always seems to be shining in our radiant Limburg capital. Solar panels in Maastricht are an excellent investment! But even when the sun is not shining, solar panels in Maastricht can generate energy. This is because we at De Duurzame Jongens value quality highly. That’s why we only work with top quality solar panels, such as Longi Solar and CanadianSolar. Our solar panels in Maastricht deliver high efficiency. So even when it’s not so sunny. Thus, you may very well be generating more energy than you can consume yourself. This over-generated energy can be easily stored and you can deliver it back to your energy supplier. Did you know that you get a nice fee for doing so? By having solar panels installed on your roof in Maastricht, you are not only helping your wallet, but you are also helping to create a cleaner and more sustainable future. This is because solar panels produce green energy, which is a lot better for the environment than generating energy through polluting and dangerous nuclear power plants. We would be happy to help you install solar panels in Maastricht. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to give you advice without obligation about solar panels in Maastricht and the costs you can save with them.


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What’s involved in buying solar panels in Maastricht

Buying solar panels in Maastricht is not something you do lightly. It’s a hefty investment, but fortunately it will pay for itself quickly and you will start saving a lot of money from then on. So it is a plan with an eye to the future. The energy bill will drop significantly because you are no longer dependent on the energy supplier and its rates. And we are all aware of the ever-increasing price of energy. Generating your own energy, which is also green, is the solution to counteract a high energy bill. But of course, the high purchase cost plays a role in your decision. We understand that, of course. Don’t stare at all the information you find on the Internet. This is because this information is general and cannot be compared one-to-one in your situation. For example, solar panels in Maastricht may yield more than solar panels on another roof elsewhere in the country. You can request a no-obligation consultation from us. We will then visit your home to discuss the options for making your home more sustainable. Our expert on solar panels in Maastricht will do an inspection of your roof and the meter box, among other things. A calculation is also made based on your situation. Our team will then go to work for you and calculate how much you can save on your energy bills if you choose solar panels. We can also provide you with a no-obligation quote so you have an immediate insight into the cost of buying solar panels in Maastricht. You will see that the investment combined with the savings on your energy bill will pay off handsomely after just a few years. Buying solar panels in Maastricht will certainly not do you any harm!

The best solar panel installer in Maastricht

We are not the only solar panel installer in Maastricht. But we are the only ones for whom it is a real passion. Our top-notch team consists exclusively of experienced people who are passionate and enjoy their work. They arrive at your home at the appointed time and day with a ray of sunshine on their face. No matter how challenging your roof may be, this ray of sunshine will not disappear. After all, our guys come with a mission: to excel in the experience surrounding solar panel installations. We want to make a difference and really contribute something to society and to your experience. We strive for full satisfaction of all our customers. Our solar panel installer in Maastricht has years of experience and together with his team has already fitted many roofs with solar panels. They are true perfectionists and will not leave until everything is right in the smallest of details. We don’t see problems, we see solutions. And that is why we are proud to say that many of our customers call us the best solar panel installer in Maastricht and recommend us to family and friends! Our hearts always race when we hear such lovely compliments!

De Duurzame Jongens install solar panels in Maastricht

You can learn about our team, our story and our mission in the about us section of the website. You will see that we go for high service and quality. Every day. We are here for you with honest and expert advice on solar panels in Maastricht. We listen to your story and to your needs. Based on this, we will get to work and provide tailored advice. Every situation is different, but so is everyone’s wallet. That’s why we not only help you during the process of buying solar panels in Maastricht and the installation, but we also like to explain the financial possibilities such as VAT refunds and subsidies. Because we think it’s important that solar panels in Maastricht are accessible to everyone. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us without any obligation. We are happy to help you! Or request a quote directly (without fine print!). We will then contact you for tailored advice.

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