Solar panels Geleen

Are you looking for solar panels in Geleen? We at De Duurzame Jongens will be happy to help. We are the best supplier of solar panels in Geleen. We want to excel in the experience surrounding solar panels and make a real difference. We want to make as many homes as possible more sustainable in order to create a sustainable society. Our employees are cheerfully enthusiastic and driven and always arrive with a ray of sunshine on their faces. Perfection down to the smallest detail is our top priority. Problems we solve and challenges we always face. We want to provide more than just solar panels in Geleen, which is why, in addition to quality, perfect service is our main focus. Your satisfaction is our starting point and we hope that we can work with you to create a sustainable world. Do you have questions about us as a company? Or would you like to know more about making your home more sustainable with solar panels in Geleen? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.


Benieuwd naar wat u kunt besparen met zonnepanelen? Vul uw gegevens in en wij nemen contact met u op.

Buy solar panels in Geleen

Want to buy solar panels in Geleen but don’t know much about them yet? On our website we try to explain as much as possible. Solar panels generate renewable electricity for your central power. The solar cells in the panel convert sunlight into electricity. Inside such a panel is an inverter that converts direct current into usable alternating current. This alternating current can be converted into power that you can use in the household. Buying solar panels in Geleen is an investment in the future. Renewable energy saves tremendously on energy costs. With us, you get all the costs out of it within 6 years. This means that 6 years after buying solar panels in Geleen, you can enjoy free electricity! In addition, you will immediately save on your energy costs and you can even offset energy with your energy supplier. How much the solar panels produce varies. This is because it is related to the power, also called the number of sun hours and the temperature. The efficiency also depends on the location, angle of inclination or shading. On our website you can do a free savings check. Do you need advice? We would like to invite you to a free consultation where we can calculate this accurately for you. In this conversation, we are also happy to discuss multiple options for making your home more sustainable.

The leading solar panel installer in Geleen

We as the STEK-certified solar panel installer in Geleen offer you an all-in service. We do more than just supply solar panels in Geleen. When you buy solar panels from us we work with a number of steps. First, you start with an orientation. During orientation, you will want to get answers to a number of questions. For example, you want to find out what the costs are and how much you can save. We are happy to calculate this for you. During a consultation we look at your personal situation and discuss all the possibilities together. We incorporate this into a quote, so you have your own customized sustainability plan. Before our solar panel installer in Geleen can begin, a technical inspector will visit you. This specialist consults on the most favorable cable route and performs an inspection in the meter box and on the roof. If everything is approved, our solar panel installer in Geleen can get to work. With all precision and care, he will install the solar panels on your premises. After the solar panels are installed at your place, you can monitor the yield via the app on your smartphone or tablet. Just as we can tell when your plant has maintenance service. We guarantee that we will be there for you with our service after the installation of your solar panels. We at De Duurzame Jongens aim to create and maintain a ray of sunshine on your face.

More than just solar panels in Geleen

We show that we provide more than just solar panels in Geleen with our additional services. After all, striving for a sustainable future goes beyond installing solar panels in Geleen. We can also provide you with air conditioning installations, sustainable roofing, electrical modifications, vehicle charging stations and energy storage. Our installers have years of experience in installation technology, electrical and roofing, so we know exactly when you need what. All our installations are of excellent quality and common price. When we’re done, we leave everything neat and tidy so you can immediately enjoy your sustainable home.

Do you have any questions about our additional services? Don’t hesitate and ask us! We are happy to tell you all about it. Want to know what other people think about our services? Then read all the reviews online.

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