Sustainable solar panels

Choose top quality and maximum safety. Create a sustainable home with solar panels from De Duurzame Jongens.

Solar panel installation

The day your home becomes sustainable is a special experience. De Duurzame Jongens will take care of that! We only need one day to install your solar panels. From connection and assembly to delivery and explanation. Our extra service in maintenance and warranty ensures that your solar panels will continue to deliver their value for a long time. This is how we distinguish ourselves in the collective pursuit of a sustainable world. And help you become independent from the prices of the net.

Our working method

1. Orientation

If you are going to buy solar panels, you have two main questions: what are the costs and what can I save? We calculate this for you.

2. Consultation

We will look at your household situation and discuss all the possibilities. We incorporate this into a quote: your sustainability plan.

3. Inspection

Our technical specialist consults on the most favorable cable route. In addition, he performs a meter box and roof inspection.

4. Installation

You will receive an email in preparation. Then, on the agreed day and time, we will come and install your solar panels.

5. Save

You can continuously monitor the yield via the app on your smartphone or tablet. This way you continue to enjoy your savings in energy costs.

6. Aftercare

With online monitoring, we see if your installation needs service. We also recommend inspection and cleaning for the best efficiency.

Wondering how much you'll save with solar panels?